A rather lovely thing

Almost a year ago I was undergoing through a bunch of changes in my personal and professional life. It was very difficult to move into a new place with no friends nor family to try to reach new professional goals. This project is a little part of that journey that left me some awesome experiences and so much stories to tell.

Linea simple

I made this project as therapy to overcome the hard times but during the process and after just a few days I realized that there was so much beautyness around me, so much too see and so much to learn. It´s funny how fast it passed  thanks to all my awesome new friends and the support of my old ones and my family of course.

As it says in the video, this project is dedicated to all of them.

Linea simple



This is a kinda refined version from the original in 2013, if you want to check the original one check it out HERE.

some people have told me that the original version has a different “vibe”. I´m very stubborn to agree (or maybe I refuse to accept it)

Judge it by yourself and let me know.

The password is: cesar


Thanks for watching :)


  • Categories: Branding / Illustration / Motion
  • Client: I Monster (band´s name)