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I´ve never been a one style designer however I´m always aiming to set a personal signature to my comercial and personal projects. My dream is to be a full time Illustrator and keep learning from the best motion designers as a side carreer.

blog BLOG

Take a look to random stuff I like, some work in progress and news for upcoming projects, collaborations or even side projects that have nothing with design, such as a online music playlists or music production projects.

client CLIENTS

I´m at this point of my carrer where I want to rediscover everything about design, however during my years of experience I´ve worked with awesome clients and very important brands and done amazing collaborations with amazing people.


I´ve been very lucky for being supported by people who think that my work worth to be exposed and published in national and international magazines or blogs, here some of amazing people who helped me out to spread the word about my work.